About League of the Unsound Sound (LotUS)


The Unsound Sound is fragile.
The US is frightening.
The US is ecstatic.
The US is experimental.

The League of the Unsound Sound (LotUS) is a group of musicians dedicated to exploring experimental music in all its variations. We are performers and composers and improvisers.

Our core members choose the repertoire and the modes of improvisation, and invite others to join us in these events. The repertoire of the League is comprised of contemporary music by international composers. Some pieces have jagged edges. Some pieces are improvisations. Some pieces incorporate movement. Some pieces are microtonal. Some pieces are repetitive. Some pieces are repetitive.


The League of the Unsound Sound (LotUS) believes that the Unsound Sound should be heard.

LotUS core members include: Tim Feeney (percussion), Michael Harley (bassoon), David Smooke (co-curator/composer/toy piano), Wendy Richman (viola), Ken Ueno (co-curator/composer/vocalist), and Shirley Yoo (piano).

In 2011–12 we will present our second season of concerts including a performance January 14 at the Andy Warhol Museum, co-presented by Music on the Edge (Pittsburgh, PA).

Our first season will include several world premieres and American premieres.


Tim Feeney, Percussion



Michael Formanek (bass/composer); Photograph by Scott Friedlander © 2008



Michael Harley, bassoon



Courtney Orlando, violin/voice; Photo: Will Kirk



Wendy Richman, viola/voice; Photo: Chad Evans Wyatt



David Smooke, composer/toy piano/organizer; Photo: Alexandra Gardner



Shirley Yoo, piano



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